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The truth of the gospel can transform everything, from the life of one person to the fate of nations. Are we ready to share it?

Although our world is an increasingly troubled and unstable place, as Christians we believe that there is no area of contemporary life and culture that can’t be changed for the better by the power of the gospel and its message of hope.


Yet sharing that hope isn’t easy. We don’t always know how to talk about our faith, we can be distracted from acts of kindness and generosity by the busyness of modern life and we’re often unsure about how to respond to cultural and moral issues.  


So Clarion’s focus is on helping God’s people to be both ready and able to do that work, equipping the church across the world to lead, speak and act in ways that will bring his hope into every area of life.


Regularly preaching and teaching at major Christian conferences in the UK, encouraging Christians and building up biblical literacy.


The church has had a crisis of leadership in recent years. Accountability is too often lacking, and continuing to teach biblical values in a hostile culture is an ongoing challenge. So Clarion is committed to training and developing church leaders all around the world, exploring biblical principles for leadership and teaching skills that will bring about life and growth in our churches.


We also have a passion for putting the Bible at the heart of Christian communication once more, and are working with preachers to encourage teaching that not only conveys and applies the life-changing truths of God’s word but also engages and inspires people.


We believe that the church needs to turn ‘inside out’, making mission rather than maintenance the defining focus of both our corporate and personal Christian lives. So Clarion is involved in teaching apologetics and theology in a number of training contexts, as well as helping to lead initiatives that show Christians how to talk about their faith simply and readily.


We also regularly participate in a wide variety of outreach events in the UK, overseas and online, preaching and sharing the gospel in smaller, strategic settings as well as to crowds of thousands.


We believe that the gospel is not only relevant but vital for human flourishing. This means that as Christians we must engage with all aspects of contemporary life and culture, speaking truth and hope into the worlds of media, business, government and community life. So Clarion works with individuals and organisations across a spectrum of professions, encouraging personal and societal change through the transforming power of the Christian message.


We’re also involved in a number of social action and development projects across the globe, supporting vulnerable people in a variety of difficult contexts and encouraging and enabling others to do the same.

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