As Christians we have a message of truth and hope that is not only relevant but vital for our world. Do we know how to apply it?

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June 3, 2019

Every Sunday, thousands of preachers give a talk based (often loosely!) on the Bible to millions of Christians sitting in front of them. But do these sermons make any difference in people’s lives?! It’s tempting to believe that the impact, if any, is very short-lived and superficial. Many churches don’t seem to be growing and lots of church attenders show little evidence of a deepening discipleship or heart for mission.

So, is there something wrong with many of our preachers? Or is the sermon itself past its sell-by date in a world of short soundbites, social media and Twitter comment? Or perhaps the problem is with the hearers who don’t come to the church service with much of an expectation of learning anything which will affect their lives?

I’ll talk about the problem with some sermons (and some preachers!) in another blog, but for now, let’s think about the role of the ‘hearer’. As those who listen to sermons, let’s make a commitment to come to each talk we hear with an approach that’...

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In 2018, Stephen partnered with Community Bible Study International (CBSI) to produce

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CBSI have kindly allowed us to give access to these resources on our website,

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