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What does God feel about a 'No Deal BREXIT?'

A 'No Deal BREXIT' is:

a colossal risk, potentially catastrophic, hurting the poorest in society the most. It is opposed by most of our MPs, senior business leaders and anyone with common sense! It's only affirmed by ignorant little Englanders, citizens of somewhere who don't know what's good for them!


no big deal, a bit of minor turbulence followed by lots of great trade deals with nations around the world.... a fresh start for us as a country, holding our heads high as a sovereign nation in charge of our own destiny. It's only opposed by remoaners who are elitists, citizens of anywhere, who are wanting to defy the will of the people!

Somewhere in all this lies the truth, though many of us have given up the fight and just can't wait for it to be over. As October 31st approaches, you can be sure that the media will become increasingly hysterical (any day now, expect BREXIT to be linked with climate change or England's performance in the cricket!) and the rancour of public debate to increase. In all of this, how should Christians live and pray? Three scriptures have come to mind as I've reflected on all this.

'Blessed are the Peacemakers' (Matthew 5 v. 9)

Jesus affirms those who not only love peace, but those who work to make it happen! Our role is to model kind and generous discourse, especially when emotions run high. Let's encourage listening to those with opposite views, disagreeing without being disagreeable, being prepared to admit we might be wrong. More humility, less hubris!

'God is our refuge and strength..... therefore we will not fear' (Psalm 46 v. 102)

Ultimately, our trust is in God.... not politicians, Governments or economic prosperity! So many people are anxious - will there be civil unrest? a shortage of medicines? limited food supplies? Our faith should give us a sense of perspective. We aren't in the middle of war, earthquake or famine (see the rest of Psalm 46!) God is in control, He is faithful and our hope is in Him. We are calm, not because we know the outcome of BREXIT (nobody does!) but because God does and we are cared for by Him.

'Seek first the Kingdom of God' (Matthew 6 v. 33)

Long after BREXIT has been consigned to the history books, the Kingdom of God will still be around! This is not the time to lose focus on our King and His Kingdom. The hungry still need to be fed, the broken repaired and the lost found. Marriages need strengthening and parents need encouraging. The current obsession with BREXIT need not be ours. Let's pray for our nation, serve our neighbours, partner with the poor and never shut up about Jesus!

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