As Christians we have a message of truth and hope that is not only relevant but vital for our world. Do we know how to apply it?

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March 5, 2018

It wasn't the obvious things that struck me most forcibly! Yes, there were more American Secret Service men than I've ever seen, all stern-faced, ear-piece wearing and gun-toting. Yes, the entrance of Donald Trump was eagerly awaited and (encouragingly!) understated and respectful. Certainly, 2,300 guests from all over the world under a huge marquee was a memorable experience. Undeniably, it  was an honour and a privilege to be present ....... but...... I was mainly moved by the simple humanity of the memories the family shared of their father. Not much talk of his conversations with Presidents, his millions of converts, his global status.... Rather, the sheer integrity of Billy Graham as a man.

Two standout moments for me - his daughter confessing to some poor life choices, potentially embarrassing for her famous father, only to be shown unconditional love on her return home. "Billy Graham wasn't God, but he showed God to me!" And Franklin Graham's reflection, "The Billy Graham you saw...

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In 2018, Stephen partnered with Community Bible Study International (CBSI) to produce

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