As Christians we have a message of truth and hope that is not only relevant but vital for our world. Do we know how to apply it?

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February 15, 2018

The first 17 years of the 21st century have been turbulent ones and, here in the west, arguably defined by two major events.

The first one happened in September 2001 when two planes were flown into the world trade towers in New York, events that have changed the way the world is configured in terms of its political and military life. The second thing, and the one which underlies my thinking on the topic of austerity, is this. Ten years ago this week, a British bank called Northern Rock failed its followers in a fairly spectacular way and, for the first time since the Great Depression, there were queues round the block of investors wanting to get their money out of this bank.

Some time later, you had Lehmann Brothers in the US and, in 2008, we were suddenly exposed as a community to a whole set of languages that we'd never heard before. Suddenly, some of us knew what a sub-prime mortgage was, which really meant lending money to people who were never going to be able to pay it back! There...

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In 2018, Stephen partnered with Community Bible Study International (CBSI) to produce

a series of 7 DVDs designed to help people get into the Bible for themselves.

CBSI have kindly allowed us to give access to these resources on our website,

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