As Christians we have a message of truth and hope that is not only relevant but vital for our world. Do we know how to apply it?

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August 20, 2019

A 'No Deal BREXIT' is:

a colossal risk, potentially catastrophic, hurting the poorest in society the most. It is opposed by most of our MPs, senior business leaders and anyone with common sense! It's only affirmed by ignorant little Englanders, citizens of somewhere who don't know what's good for them!


no big deal, a bit of minor turbulence followed by lots of great trade deals with nations around the world.... a fresh start for us as a country, holding our heads high as a sovereign nation in charge of our own destiny. It's only opposed by remoaners who are elitists, citizens of anywhere, who are wanting to defy the will of the people!

Somewhere in all this lies the truth, though many of us have given up the fight and just can't wait for it to be over. As October 31st approaches, you can be sure that the media will become increasingly hysterical (any day now, expect BREXIT to be linked with climate change or England's performance in the cricket!) and the rancour of public debate to incr...

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In 2018, Stephen partnered with Community Bible Study International (CBSI) to produce

a series of 7 DVDs designed to help people get into the Bible for themselves.

CBSI have kindly allowed us to give access to these resources on our website,

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