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Stephen is regarded as one of the most significant leaders of his generation in the UK

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Stephen gaukroger

Stephen Gaukroger is the founder-director of Clarion Trust International, an organisation which exists to equip the worldwide church for leadership, mission & evangelism.

With his very firm & clear grasp of the post-modern culture in which we now live, he addresses its challenge with an unquestioned commitment to Scripture.

It is clear through the content of his teaching and also from the impact of his life that Stephen regards mission/evangelism as a key priority for the Church. This reality drives his leadership. He has a vision for a Biblically literate Christian world and has particular concerns about the importance of the local church in the national scene, and the support & encouragement of local ministries. He believes there is a need to engage with all aspects of contemporary life & culture, promoting the Good News of Jesus into the worlds of media, business, government & community life. He has remarkable success as a team builder - spotting gifts & potential and shaping these together into a strong and effective unit at any level.

His life and ministry are characterised by an overt loyalty to Biblical truth. Those who know him, respect his unmistakable God-given ability to take Scripture and ‘unpack’ it in a spirit-inspired, warm, practical and relevant way, whilst remaining absolutely faithful to the text. His ministry has affected not only the local congregations he has led but, through national conferences, councils, books and CDs, the nation itself has been affected.

Over the last fifteen years, Stephen has had opportunities to speak to Christian leaders and engage in evangelism in over 25 countries worldwide. He has, for example, travelled to Mongolia to speak at a mission workers’ conference, to Sri Lanka to speak at a pastors’/leaders’ forum, to Australia to speak at leaders’ conferences, to Pakistan & India to be involved in mass evangelism and advocacy, to the Middle East & Iraq working with persecuted Christians, and more recently has been involved in working with believers in Africa, China, Myanmar & Nepal.

He trained at Spurgeon’s College, obtaining his theological degree and pastoral diploma. An additional business qualification gave him an excellent grounding in team management.

Stephen spent a year on the staff of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, after which he oversaw a time of remarkable growth during 14 years as Senior Pastor of Stopsley Baptist Church, Luton. In 2008, he finished a period of 12 years as Senior Minister of Gold Hill Baptist Church in Buckinghamshire – one of the largest Baptist Churches in England.

As President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (1994-95), he enjoyed engaging with leaders of other denominations as well as those in national, political & business life. He is extensively involved in Christian initiatives, both in the UK and internationally. Stephen is a member of a number of Councils of Reference, for example Trans World Radio, CVM, Stewardship, Exodus. He chairs the Council of Reference for Open Doors, and Jews for Jesus in Europe.

He is Patron of Viva, working to change the lives of vulnerable children across the world; of Youthscape, working to reconnect the Christian community with young people and make a positive difference to their lives; and of Mildmay, a charity specialising in HIV/AIDS care, education and training in the UK & Africa. He is a Bible Champion for the Evangelical Alliance ‘Biblefresh’ initiative and is the Senior Biblical Advisor for the ‘Friends and Heroes’ animated children’s series, shown on the BBC. Stephen chairs the International Council of The Rooftop Ministries (formerly Viz-a-Viz Ministries), he is Vice-President of the Bible Society, and Ambassador for Haggai Institute, an international organisation which trains Nationals for evangelism in their own countries.

Stephen is a prolific author, with a popular, accessible style, and has written more than 20 books (& numerous articles) during 26 years of pastoral ministry. His first book, ‘It Makes Sense’, has been used around the world to help people share their faith. This and other books have been widely translated.

He is married to Janet, who is engaged with leading & training worship teams and also enjoys bible teaching. They have three children & three grandchildren. A keen Man Utd supporter, Stephen loves sport of all kinds!

Clarion Trust International is a Christian charity working in the UK and overseas. It is involved in leadership training and development, advocacy, networking and the communication of the Christian Faith and message in a range of contexts. The Trust was founded by Stephen Gaukroger (Director) and Keith Wilson (former Chairman of Trustees). The current Chairman is John Newman. 

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