at work with preachers

Stephen Gaukroger is one of the most gifted preachers around. People love to listen him - he combines first class communication with compelling biblical theology and life- changing application.

Simon Steer

We believe that the bible needs to be repositioned at the centre of christian communication. We seek to model preaching which is thoroughly scriptural & contemporarily applied. We do this through preaching & teaching opportunities and the training of preachers & teachers. Our inspiration is 'the first sin of the modern pulpit is biblical inadequacy and the second is congregational boredom'. We are working to banish both!

Steve preaching

Continuing to preach at major Christian conferences (e.g Spring Harvest, Keswick Convention) – attempting to model a thoroughly biblical & cogently applied method of preaching.

Teaching the Bible at large scale but specifically targeted events (e.g The Commission – equipping christian men in Glasgow, Scotland).

Jointly editing the Crossway Bible Guides – a series of commentaries aimed at helping preachers and housegroup leaders get the best out of the Scripture and deliberately providing resources to apply the passage – personally, in the local church and in wider society.

Making available over 1000 teaching CDs, covering most of the Bible. This resource to encourage preachers to systematically expound the Bible.

Delivering seminars on preaching and homiletics to theological college students and pastors in Australia.

Our prayer

is that Clarion will be able to play a role in the development of the next generation of bible teachers and preachers. We continue to have invitations to preach & teach all over the world and we pray that God will provide further strategic opportunities to do this as well as significant requests to work with those who explain the Word to others.