at work with leaders

One of Britain's brightest leaders.

RT Kendall

We believe that there is a crisis of leadership in both the Church and the wider culture. We are committed to the training & development of leaders by exploring biblical principles for leadership, and teaching skills to bring about life & growth in our post modern context. We are particularly focused on encouraging a missional lifestyle among leaders and investing in 'next generation' leadership.

Steve speaking

Addressing thousands of leaders over the last 10 years in consultations, conferences and seminars in the UK.

Chairing 3 national conferences for leaders in local government, business and commerce. Exploring the link between the world of work and the world of Faith.

Training pastors and mission agency leaders (e.g in Uganda and Sri Lanka) in leadership skills. Developing strategies for the growth of local churches and identifying appropriate initiatives to engage the community. Helping discover channels into influencing local & national government.

Teaching school chaplains in Australia – career development skills. Significant bible teaching at the national conference.

Meeting with senior church leaders and lecturing in theology at a Romanian university.

Leading an initiative to develop next generation leadership, across the denominational spectrum.

Our prayer

is that Clarion will be able to play a role in the issues which affect leaders in the workplace, church, voluntary sector and the wider society. We continue to have unique openings into this area and pray that God will provide further strategic opportunities.