at work in evangelism

It Makes Sense is an ABC of the Christian faith for the 21st century seeker - credible, sincere, completely accessible.

Luis Palau

We believe that the communication of the message of Jesus for personal salvation and societal renewal is a key imperative of our ministry. We have opportunities to speak to crowds in their tens of thousands as well as specifically focused special meetings. We encourage, and participate in, a wide variety of outreach events and activities. Evangelistic preaching, apologetics & acts of compassion are all part of our ministry repertoire.

Steve in conversation

Preaching the good news of Jesus to crowds of up to 20,000 on the Pakistan/Indian border. Hundreds became christians in a brave display of commitment in the face of a culture inhospitable to christianity.

Writing a book dealing with popular excuses for avoiding Jesus (It Makes Sense). This book has sold over 100,000 copies and is available in over a dozen languages.

Developing a DVD resource to help christians & churches understand contemporary culture and suggest ways of sharing the Faith with neighbours, work colleagues & friends.

Helping to (e.g) open a hospital in Pakistan, provide fishing nets & boats in post-Tsunami Sri Lanka, rescue orphans & vulnerable children in Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Producing material to help churches turn their memberships ‘inside out’ by making Mission rather than Maintenance the defining focus of corporate & personal christian life.

Our prayer

is that Clarion will be able to play a role in bringing the Good News of the bible story to anyone who will listen. We continue to have invitations to do this and pray that God will provide further strategic opportunities to present the message of Hope.